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The Artis with Ivy Reiss show interviews 905 & GTA artists, writers, hosts, and movers-and-shakers on compelling topics related to art and culture.

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The Episodes


Georgia Wilder on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 10, October 2018.

Brenda Clews on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 9, October 2018.


Frank Veri on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 8, September 2018.


Pat Connors on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 7, September 2018.


Valentino Assenza on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 6, August 2018.


Max Layton on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 5, August 2018.


Kim Cayer on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 4, July 2018.


Sheila Tucker on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 3, July 2018.


Georgia Wilder and I Chat about "Authenticity Through the Rise of the First Person Voice in Academia and the Arts," her upcoming book as one of Canada's top 3 poets, and her wildly successful Wild Writers reading series in Kensington Market.


Brenda Clews, eclectic performer, visual artist, poet, and video-grapher

Chat about following your muse, her collection Tidal Fury, and her first novel, Fugue in Green, which reflects on abusive family relationships. Brenda will be one of the new co-hosts for the longstanding Toronto staple, Linda Stitt's Word & Music Salons at the Tranzac Club


Keynote Speaker & Motivational Op-Ed Writer Frank Veri on Rewiring the Brain after Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury:

Frank and I talk about his journey through traumatic brain injury 30 years ago, how he discovered you could “rewire” your brain before the term even existed in the neuro-science field, and his foray from the financial world into the arts, as an author and motivational keynote speaker, to being asked to write a course for the United Nations’ Noble University. Frank tells us how anyone can succeed, find financial freedom, while following their dreams.


Pat Connors, GTA poet and host of the world-wide event: 100,000 Poets for Change on art and global affairs:

Pat and I talk about his Canadian connection to the American founders of 100,000 Poets for Change, his upcoming 7th annual event with some of the GTA’s biggest names reading live on Sept 22 2018, his cause to raise money for the Attawapiskat Youth Advocate Shannen Koostachin; his 2017 launch for Bottom of the Wine Jar in Holguín Province, and why Cuba is close to his art and heart.

Find out more about Shannen’s Dream at First Nations Caring here.


Host of 89.5 CIUT FM Howl’s Radio & GTA spoken word veteran Valentino Assenza, gives us his unique vantage point on the art scene, from two cultures and over twenty years:

Valentino has been an integral part of the GTA Spoken Word scene for over 20 years. Each year, his youth was split between Sicily and Toronto. Valentino talks about the cultural impact on art, the dynamics of the art scene, and what it’s like to be the host of Toronto's most important independent radio station. Plus, Val gives us a first-ever sneak-peak from his upcoming collection with Piquant Press.


Canadian legend, singer, songwriter, and poet Max Layton on his latest work, Leonard Cohen, his mother’s forerunning art, and his next album:

Max and I chat about his unconventional childhood, how Leonard Cohen taught him guitar, his latest poetry collection, his upcoming album, and how his mother’s visual art is being honoured for the first time as one of Canada's most under-appreciated female artists at Carlton University in Ottawa on November 01, 2018.

Watch to find out how you can get a signed copy of Max’s works and attend one of the most important events of the year.


Professional Entertainer and Author Kim Cayer on the art of reading prose live and the serious side of her sassy and hilarious novels:

Kim’s profession as an entertainer, background as an actor, and acclaimed writer and sell-out performer with her award-winning play Memories of Marilyn, gives us her secrets to grabbing the audience with the first line of your book and how to get into character when reading prose live—one of the hardest art forms to perform. We also chat about the serious side of her salacious and sassy novels, which touch on topics such as homelessness, battered women, elder abuse, and the over-sexualization of women in the media industry.


Event host, poet, and visual artist ‎Sheila Tucker on The Cultural Appropriation of Art and her Poetry&Prose reading series:

The cultural appropriation of art has long been one of Sheila’s unique interests—Sheila’s world travels, post-grad studies gives us a unique insight into this most relevant topic of our times. Sheila also tells us about her upcoming works and her popular Poetry&Prose reading series in Oakville, and how you can attend.


Meena Chopra on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 2, June 2018.


Joyce Wayne on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 1, June 2018.


Award-Winning visual artist, internationally published poet, and publisher of Star Buzz weekly, Meena Chopra on The Pros & Cons of Publishing in the Digital Era:

Meena has paralleled her artistic career with the dynamic world of advertising and marketing. Her background in graphic design, marketing, and as the publisher of StarBuzz, which boasted a 20,000 weekly print run at one point, makes her one of the best people to chat to about the pros and challenges the digital age poses for the arts and publishing industry. Meena also gives us the details for her upcoming book and exhibit: SHE! The Restless Streak.


Former editorial director at Quill & Quire, former head of the Journalism Dept at Sheridan, and Author Joyce Wayne on novelizing the Gouzenko Affair

Joyce and I chat about her latest novel, Last Night of the World—a Canadian first—about real-life Soviet spy on Canadian soil, Freda Linton, and how Canada was instrumental in discovering the Cold War which changed the world’s relations with the Soviets forever.