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The Artis with Ivy Reiss show interviews 905 & GTA artists, writers, event & radio hosts, and personalities.

We explore the many ways the arts affect our every day.

At left, The Rise of the Authentic Voice with Georgia Wilder. Photo: © Brenda Clews

Gemini Award Winning Director & Producer David Tucker chatting on The Aesthetics of Media and Fake News, below. Photo: Jeff Cottrill

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The Episodes

Andrea Thompson on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 15, February 2019.

Dr. Tom Gannon Hamilton on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 14, February 2019.

Jeff Cottrill on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 13, January 2019.

David Tucker on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 12, January 2019.

Keith Garebian on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 11, November 2018.

Georgia Wilder on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 10, October 2018.

Brenda Clews on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 9, October 2018.

Frank Veri on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 8, September 2018.

Pat Connors on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 7, September 2018.

Valentino Assenza on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 6, August 2018.

Max Layton on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 5, August 2018.

Kim Cayer on The Artis with Ivy Reiss, Episode 4, July 2018.

Sheila Tucker on The Artis with Ivy Reiss, Episode 3, July 2018.

Black history IS the forerunner of spoken word today.

Author and Spoken Word renegade Andrea Thompson takes us through the history of Black Culture to show us how spoken word today is informed by the African American’s in slavery.

As a spoken-word fore-runner, Andrea was the first person to pitch and create spoken word courses to Ontario universities in 2008, (7 years ahead of Harvard and Stanford). Her wildly successful courses have taught some of the biggest names on the scene today.

She is the author of the prose-drama Over our Heads (Inanna Publications).

Are Canadians REALLY as diverse as we think? If so, why are we not economizing our strong art-based culture into something sustainable for artists?

Author, musician, and actor, Dr. Tom Gannon Hamilton and I explore Economizing our Cultural Arts in Canada.

Tom earns his living solely off his art (this should not be the exception). His works are Featured in a permanent exhibit in the New York Holocaust Museum; he acting accolades include in Murdoch Mysteries, the Netflix American God series, and the 2018 Oscar sweeper, Shape of Water.

Tom’s latest poetry collection, Panoptic (Aeolis Press) launched Fall 2018.

Find out how to contact Tom to attend one of your events in the video.

Is Nuance Dead in the Age of Outrage? Writer, journalist, and spoken-word artist Jeff Cottrill and I look at the state of moral policing in the arts and explore the facts. We ask can bad people make good art? Think Roman Polanski, Woody Allen. #Rudolph #HuffPost

Find out how to book Jeff and order his CD: This Album is NIT FENNY!

Gemini-award winning film-maker David Tucker delves into the aesthetics of media and fake news and how what we find beautiful effects every aspect of our lives.

David fills us in on his award-winning book of real-inspired short-stories, One Way Ticket, and his upcoming work in an anthology, launching January 27th 2019.

Armenian genocide survivor, author of 25 books, and an upcoming piece on Broadway, Keith Garebian talks about his groundbreaking memoir Pain: Journeys Around My Parents, the effects of intergenerational PTSD, his two upcoming books, and Broadway debut.

Find out more about Keith on his website and watch the video to find out how to contact him.

Host of the wildly successful Wild Writers reading series in Kensington Market and professor Georgia Wilder tells us the rise of the first person voice is making our writing more authentic. She gives us the digs on being named one of Canada's top three poets and the upcoming collection to tote, launching February 2019.

Renowned performer, visual artist, poet, and videographer Brenda Clews reveals the story behind her acclaimed novel Fugue in Green, about childhood abuse and the power to overcome it.

We further follow the muse into Tidal Fury, Brenda’s collection of poetry and visual art.

Brenda give us a heads up on her soon-to-be new gig hosting one of Toronto’s longstanding poetry salon mainstays, Linda Stitt’s Word & Music Salons at the Tranzac Club, starting Jan 2019.

Keynote speaker, op-ed writer, and ABI survivor Frank Veri on the very real science behind rewiring the brain, his foray from the financial world into the arts, to author, keynote speaker, and being asked to write a course for the United Nations’ Noble University. Frank tells us how anyone can follow their dreams and succeed.

Find his most recent book under the pseudonym Franco Casver “How to Easily Start your Internet Business: The One of a Kind Guide that will Change your Life" on Kindle.

Pat Connors, GTA poet and host of the world-wide event: 100,000 Poets for Change on art and global affairs:

Pat and I talk about his Canadian connection to the American founders of 100,000 Poets for Change, his upcoming 7th annual event with some of the biggest names in the GTA reading live on Sept 22 2018; his endless drive to raise money for the Attawapiskat Youth Advocate Shannen Koostachin; his 2017 launch for Bottom of the Wine Jar in Holguín Province, and why Cuba is close to his art and heart.

Find out more about Shannen’s Dream at First Nations Caring.

89.5 CIUT FM Howl’s Radio Host & GTA Spoken Word veteran Valentino Assenza, gives us his unique vantage point on the art scene: from his two cultures, over twenty years, and the dynamics of hosting Toronto’s most important radio station.

Val gives us a first-ever sneak-peak from his upcoming collection, Through Painted Eyes (Piquant Press), launching February 2019.

Canadian legend, singer, songwriter, and poet Max Layton on his upcoming works, his unconventional childhood, how Leonard Cohen taught him guitar, and the story behind his mother’s groundbreaking art as she, Boschka/Betty Sutherland, is honoured as one of Canada’s most important artists at Carleton Uni on November 01, 2018.

Watch to find out how you can get a signed copy of Max’s latest CD.

Professional entertainer and sultry author Kim Cayer reveals the secrets of reading live. Kim lets us in to the serious side of her sassy and hilarious novels, which deal with homelessness, battered women, elder abuse, and the over-sexualization of women in the media industry.

The Cultural Appropriation of Art with 905 Poetry & Prose host, visual artist, and poet ‎Sheila Tucker.

Sheila’s world travels and post-grad studies gives us a unique insight into this most relevant topic of our times.

Sheila fills us in on her popular Poetry & Prose reading series in Oakville, and her upcoming works.

http://theartismagazine.com The essential problem of arts funding. In conversation with Hugh Reilly 2018-10o-05

Meena Chopra on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 2, June 2018.

Joyce Wayne on The Artis with Ivy Reiss: Episode 1, June 2018.

Ivy Reiss talks with ThatChannel’s Hugh Reilly on the origins on The Artis and the current state of publishing.


The Pros & Cons of Publishing in the Digital Era with award-winning visual artist, internationally published poet, and publisher of Star Buzz weekly, Meena Chopra.

Meena gives us the details for newest upcoming book and exhibit: SHE! The Restless Streak, launching in September 2018.


Author Joyce Wayne on novelizing the Gouzenko affair in her newest and critically acclaimed historical-fiction book: Last Night of the World—a Canadian first—about real-life Soviet spy Freda Linton on Canadian soil and Canada’s instrumental role in discovering the Cold War, changing the world’s relations with the Soviet Union forever.

Visit www.JoyceWayne.com for more on the author