The VIP Package. Order the 4 issues that started it all!

The VIP Package. Order the 4 issues that started it all!


Capture the first four issues of The Artis that changed the 905 and GTA art scene.

There are only 3 copies of the Inaugural issue left for this package deal!

With this package, The Artis magazine is less than $12.50 a copy!

Size: 8 x 10iches, 64 pages interior, glossy paper, perfect binding (flat-edge)

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The Artis exclusive print edition is 64 pages of gorgeous art and words,  8x10, with a perfect binding. A beautiful addition to any bookshelf, coffee-table, and a great way to show off your work to family and friends. The VIP membership also gives you ‎unlimited access to the website:

  • Read the Artis in full-colour every time! Have VIP access to the full-colour PDF version of the black-and-white editions

  • Access to unedited audio interviews‎ with our artists

  • Exclusive passes to see behind the scenes features including intimate photos of our Featured artists' studio's, interview pics, and additional visual artwork from our artists that couldn't make the page count

  • Full-access to the raw, un-edited audio interviews with our artists. This includes the full Artist Profile interviews and other interviews with the artists from The Artis. Sit back with a cup of tea and just press play

  • Live audio recordings of the performances and visual footage from the launch party in February‎, which will include special guest readers

  • Free advertising for ANY 905 area art-event that you think is news-worthy during your one year subscription period!

  • Full access to our exclusive Events Page, to help you stay up-to-date on where the artists in The Artis will be performing next, and other events in your area